Villanueva Clinical Laboratory goes online!

Villanueva Clinical Laboratory is now online, the first clinical laboratory to offer online services in Bacolod City.  Through this website can be accessed the following:


A. Your results.  

Once you indicate your desire to access your results online on the request form, our IT encoder will create your profile at our website.  You will be given a password, which by default is the number on your official receipt (OR Number).  Do not lose this number/password!  This will be your password every time you check your results online.  The features of this online result access are as follows:

  • a.1. Once your profile is activated, we will upload all your results to our website.   Once uploaded, you can access your results anywhere, anytime!
  • a.2. Your results are arranged according to the date you had your blood/specimen was processed, with the latest one on top of the list.  
  • a.3. All results are in PDF format.  You can download your results to your iPAD or iPHONE and open them in iBOOKS!
  • a.4. You can also tell your doctor your password so that he/she can access your results online.
  • a.5. You can even have us upload your complete Clinical Abstract!


B. Locally relevant health articles.  

Dr. Google is very smart.  He can answer most of your health concerns.  However, most of his articles are published in countries other than ours.  Do they eat Lechon?  Amargoso?  Cansi?  Do they take Lagundi?  Get drunk on Lacson St?  I bet not.  But we do.  That’s why we will be publishing articles that you, the Negrense, will find very relevant.


C. List of services.  

Do you need to see an OB?  Pediatrician?  Want to view our panels?  Instructions on how to collect samples?  It’s all here.  


D. Our Physicians

  • d.1. Dr. Russel Atonson - Family Medicine
  • d.2. Dr. Rockie Elegado - Family Medicine
  • d.3. Dr. Rocelyn Bemida - Internal Medicine
  • d.4. Dr. Gladys Saludar - OB-Gyne
  • d.5. Dr. Kitchie Vasquez - Pediatrician
  • d.6. Dr. Michelle Flores - OB-Gyne
  • d.7. Dr. Glenda Marimba - OB-Gyne
  • d.8. Dr. Walter Villanueva - Pathology


E. Contact information.  

Yes, you can contact us through this website.  By doing so, you are sending your message directly to the top management, not passing through different layers of bureaucracy.  Because of this, you concerns will be addressed immediately and decisively!


F. Our Location

No. 8 16th Street corner Lacson Street,

Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

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